Friday, 30 March 2012


This week’s been a helluva week. It all started last Sunday with a burst eardrum. I was resting in bed, recuperating from a nasty bout of flu, when this immensely horrible squealing noise erupted from inside my middle ear, as if there were a bunch of hedgehogs, fucking, right there, IN MY EAR. After that came an uncanny popping sensation, followed by an explosion of blood, pus, and assorted bits of ear percussion, all of which landed on my pillow. On Monday morning, the GP diagnosed a burst eardrum and told me I couldn’t a) go swimming, or b) wash my hair for six weeks.

Now as far as I’m concerned, going swimming with three kids in tow is probably third in the League Table of Stress after divorce, and moving house, so I’m not bothered on that count. But not wash my hair for six weeks? Are you kidding me? I will smell and look like Satan. My hairline will be festooned with boiling pustules of acne. There will be mange all over my scalp and rivers of excess sebum coursing down my forehead. People will start throwing rocks at me. 
Not that I’m the kind of person who washes my hair every day, or even every other day, in case you’re wondering. I’m a big believer in the idea that natural oils are good for the hair. Even to this day, I’m still wound up by that blond-haired streak of piss The Timotei Girl, and her disturbing addiction to keeping her mane clean. Listen, love, I want to say, I don’t give a shit that your shampoo is so frickin mild that you can wash your hair as often as you wish, or that it contains cheap detergent natural herb extracts, really I don’t. All I ask is that you DO. IT. INDOORS. AND. NOT. IN. A. BLOODY. PADDOCK. And please, don’t even get me started on those Wash and Go adverts. “Spend time on shampoo and conditioner? Take two bottles into the shower? Not me! I just want to wash my hair and go, so I use Vidal Sassoon Wash & Go.” Do you? Do you really? Is that because you’re a young thrusting go-getter with a UNIQUELY important and hectic schedule? Or is it because you’re a massive twat? Hmmm.

But, but … six weeks is a long time. Even for me.  
On the bright side, my greasy bangs will be bang on trend. I’m told that the environmentally-motivated no-poo (no-shampoo) movement is gaining a steady following, with Mathew Paris of The Times, Prince Harry, Jessica Simpson, and Julianne Moore, all advocating that we wash our hair using only water and/or a mixture of baking powder and lemons. I only wish someone would tell this to those sulfate-peddling assholes Unilever, who are planning another Timotei advert.


  1. LOL once again :)


  2. I was eating a packet of cheese & onion Hula hoops, whilst reading the graphic details of your burst eardrum...suffice to say, the crisps have now been set aside and I am no longer hungry... but I am a little bit queasy.

    In my teens, I wanted to test the theory that hair is self cleaning, so I didn't wash it for a year. After 3 months, it looked like someone had grated my scalp with a grater. After 6 months, I smelled like sheep. After a year, a glossy clean mane. How many years later and we're back to the grated scalp look. *sigh*

    Great post as always!

  3. Grated scalp!! Truly horrible. Wish i'd thought of it!

  4. Oh dear. That sounded horrid and rather painful. How does one repair a burst eardrum ??? Can you still hear out of that ear? I wash my hair every three days or .... so. 6 weeks - bloody hell. Please report back on the evolution of your scalp and what you might uncover in May! Ps I've never washed my hair in a paddock unless I count the drip of a shower I had at a festival years ago.

  5. Hi Oldie mum. No I can't hear out of my right ear! Hell know how it will heal. If it doesn't, they'll probably have to graft some papery bit of eyelid on to it, or something. I went to see an eighty year old uncle over the weekend. Turns out I now have lots in common with him. Makes you feel so young xx

    PS - i will do that thing you tagged me to do, honest!!

  6. Haha the idea of hedgehogs fucking in your ear made me actually spit out my tea. Brilliant. The post... not the ear drum exploding x

  7. Tea-spitting is very unseemly my dear x

  8. Have just spent a while catching up on all your posts. Glad to see you're still on cracking form. You can count on my vote! X

    You can undo your own catchpa thing - got to Settings, then Comments, then scroll down and turn Word Verification to 'Off' Betcha didn't even know you had it! I certainly didn't XX

  9. Ta missus. I shall return the favour! I had no idea I could do my own catchpa thing! Although I am utterly mortified that I got the spelling wrong in my last post! Shocking.