Thursday, 10 November 2011


Today, I danced in the kitchen in my pyjamas like the alcoholic housewife that I probably am.  At my feet lay a trodden banana; on the kitchen worktop, an obese fly barfing on a piece of toast; at my side, an overflowing bin smelling of, erm, what’s it called again, that most evocative of smells, oh yes, SHIT. But did I care? No I didn’t. I just danced and I danced and I fantasised. About crazy lovely stuff.

And why was I dancing? Well, because I was listening to some tunes for a ‘Music Therapy’ blog I’ve been tagged to write by the awesomely prolific Motherventing and Older Single Mum. (Now, before I start, I want to point out that when I say ‘therapy’ I don’t mean “real” therapy, oh no, no, NO, I don’t need “real” therapy, not at all, I’m just tired, real tired, that’s all. Hey, just because I might have stopped dancing at one point, and started weeping for no apparent reason, and then, having caught sight of myself in the mirror, started punching myself in the thigh and screaming ‘fat, fat, fat”, and then “loser”, before weeping again, and then laughing, and then properly drooling, it doesn’t mean anything, honestly it doesn’t, nothing that a good night’s sleep wouldn’t sort out…)

But you’re right. I should probably sit down for a minute. I should probably just SHUT THE FUCK UP and play some music I like.

So here goes.

Windmills of your Mind. Noel Harrison. I’m a hippy at heart, and my brain is almost entirely made up of circles, apples, windmills, and cavernous hollows. (To those staring blankly: LIKE.IN.THE.SONG.) In fact, if you needed a 3D model of my brain for the purposes of say, a lobotomy, you could do worse than going to Mothercare and buying one of those shape sorters. Of course, the appeal of the song is more than just that. Even my partner loves it. And he doesn’t usually have time for people who can’t tell the difference between “keys that jingle in their pockets” and “words that jangle in their heads”, i.e me, and hippies. And he can do Excel.

The second is Back to Black, Amy Winehouse. I LOVE this song. I LOVE her voice. I don’t know what else to say except that it’s utterly crap that she’s dead.

Choosing the third tune has been a nightmare. I thought about Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, White Stripes, Alicia Keys, Motown, Blondie, all sorts. And then today, I heard this. “You to Thank”. Ben Folds. I’m addicted. This song is why I was dancing in my pyjamas in the kitchen, and weeping,  and properly drooling - and from my mouth - when I should have been killing flies, clearing out bins, and mopping floors.  

Finally, thanks thanks thanks to the fab Mamywoo for making this lovely meme happen in the first place. I'm now tagging Adventures of a Middle Aged Matron,  Three Little Flowers, and Kate Takes 5 x

PS: I wasn’t drooling from my front bottom. Of course I wasn’t. I don't know why I said it. 
That’s just gross.

PPS: My partner has just read this blog and is extremely pissed off that I didn’t mention the fact that ‘Windmills of Your Mind’ is part of his “brilliant and extensive record collection”, and furthermore, that he was the one who introduced me to it. He would also like to point out that I “always leech off his musical tastes” and then claim them as my own. And also,  that he CAN’T do Excel. 


  1. Course I'll do it, if I can master the technology to link video clips. Unmissable chance to showcase my supercool music tastes so thanks for the tag and the tips. Am I then supposed to tag someone else? Any suggestions on who hasn't already done it (don't have an extensive cyber social life)?

  2. Good choice! Little A and I currently eating porridge and swaying to Amy .... Oh Amy - why? Do like the Ben Folds track. Now clean up that banana!

  3. Fab. Linking the video clips is pretty easy, at least in blogger. When you're writing your blog in the "new post" window, you'll find that there's a small video icon on the horizontal tab. Just click it and it allows you to upload from you tube etc. Anyway, i'm probably not making any sense, so i'll just shut up and let you work it out for yourself!

    The idea is that yes, you tag another three people, and also acknowledge Mammywoo for inspiring the idea. My contacts book is also embarrassingly slim - only been doing this for a month and a half - so not much of an idea who's already done it, but you should check out the Love New Blogs site, which showcases newbie bloggers. should be some candidates there! it's a great site anyway x

    Look forward to some supercool songs then!!

  4. Hi Older Mum. Welcome back to blogland. We've missed you! You'll be pleased to know that the banana has gone, but in its place is a whole (new) box of Cheerios. Aaargh!

  5. Have now awarded you with the Versatile Blogger ... Working on the nick names!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you daaaaarling!

    However I shall now have to think up a new 'slogan' for my badges, as the current 'slogan' childishly says Check out this Pair of Beauties... which doesn't work as a double entendre for 3 badges, unless you're one of those very unfortunate people from embarrassing bodies who have surrogate nipples/breasts!

    yeah, looking forward to the nicknames post but as i normally take 2 weeks to write tag/request posts, i am in no position to hurry you up...

    have a lovely weekend x

  7. Jesus, woman, I'm not a medical professional but even I can tell you more help than just a quick jig round your kitchen. I prescribe: gin. Biscuits. DVD boxset of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And a personal visit from Tim Minchin (to play piano at you, tell jokes and maybe tickle you). This however is not available on the NHS. So that will be £20,000 please.

  8. Auntie Venting, thanks for the sound ethical advice, but you see, I have been self-medicating on gin and biscuits for a very long time, hence the revolting drooling from my orifices in the first place. And I'm not so sure about Tim Minchin, he kind of scares me. I saw him on that freakoid Derren Brown'S show t'other day, where he was complicit in trying to make this poor guy feel inexplicably guilty. I don't need anyone making me feel more guilty than I already feel. Guilt is my primary emotion. Hence the revolting drooling from my orifices - have i said this already?